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Glam Residences gives you a full complement of amenities that help you achieve and maintain a balanced and dynamic lifestyle. 

Glam Residences building amenities are highly thought of in collaboration with a group of dedicated and credible team of engineers, architects and designers who have been building and developing world-class condo units. 

The lifestyle of the residents Glam Residences GMA Kamuning Quezon City is chareacterized by luxury and convenience with generously spaced units and common areas and a wide array of recreational amenities. 

Always have peace of mind here at Glam Residences SMDC with our efficient and dedicated property management team that oversees the management of daily services, and the upkeep and maintenance of perimeter grounds and building features.

  • Grand Lobby
  • Children's Play Area
  • Pool Deck
  • Landscaped Area
  • Swimming Pools
  • Sky Lounge with Function Rooms
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As has been the tradition with all SMDC’s world-class residential condominium properties – the dedicated and hardworking property management team always think of the welfare of its residents, keeping in mind that the provision of a full-range complement of facilities and amenities will help them achieve a well-balanced and active lifestyle. GLAM RESIDENCES is no exception. After all, these same people also ensure the management of daily services as well as upkeep and maintenance of the property’s grounds and building facilities.  Thus, residents and visitors will always have peace of mind and feel safe and secured. 

What would welcome you to this amazing community is a grand lobby – so modern, welcoming and exquisite. 

For the parents, no need to worry since there is a children’s play area that their   active and playful kiddos can enjoy with other kids of neighbors and friends. You will be at peace knowing your children are truly safe and secure right in your own home. 

Enjoy your weekends, too, as you frolic in the swimming pools and lounge in the pool deck. Take in the refreshing views of the city skyline and bask in the sun without any worries.  Plan and organize swimming parties with family. Bask in the sun while you read a book and sip your favorite coolers. A pool deck   looks inviting, too. This is where you can chill out with your love ones. Soak in the moments. This is definitely a good time to bond with your family. Parents can swim with their children as the young ones could frolic in the pool as long as they want. 

Landscaped areas also add up to the ambiance that the neighborhood has. Colorful blooms, lush plants and big, green trees make up the surroundings that will always remind you of brighter days. Keep immersed in the ambiance that emanates as you walk through the homes right in this property. 

A sky lounge with function rooms is also within the neighborhood. Have fun and celebrate special events and milestones right here. You need not worry about commuting or traffic as there are function rooms available within the property. 

Want to have a great time partying away under the moonlight stars?  Exciting, fun times are up ahead as you hold your birthdays, baptismal parties, wedding showers, graduations, moving-ups, reunions and catch-ups with family, relatives and friends.  Nothing will be more special and heartwarming than spending time with your dear ones.

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